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Automatic Blind Pool Covers

Our above-ground cover mechanics includes metal parts that are systematically corrosion protected (316L grade stainless steel, anodised 6060 aluminium, Beckryzinc lacquering, etc.).

Our submerged cover mechanics are proposed, without surcharge, in totally corrosion-free materials (Abriblue exclusivity allowing to benefit from the Non’Co corrosion guarantee for up to 15 years).

Our slats are designed to have 3 sealed compartments for optimum floatability. They click together (simpler, quicker and stronger).

The end caps have removable wings which can be used to adjust the slats to the pool width.

The cap/slat assembly uses uses ultrasound welding (no silicone).

Our slatted covers are delivered with a set of wings equipped with guide wheels which help improve the movement.

The slats can be cut square or shaped to perfectly follow the shape of your pool.

The 80 mm beam (up to 5 m) is pre-arched (patented system) and does not require the used of anti-bending brackets.

The stands on our above-ground covers are adjustable and retractable.

Depending on the cover model, the motor can either be located in the roller, in a dry box, or at the water line, to cater for all possible configurations.

Our covers are customisable: stands, casing, beams, slats, bench casing, duck-boarding… you can make up the product that will perfectly blend into your environment.

Winter Covers

Winter covers are to be used during the winter time when a swimming pool is not being used, so it can protect the pool from accumulating leaves, dust etc.

It also helps to reduce maintenance and water treatments.

Our covers in mesh or PVC are made with quality to be strong and safe. A particular strong resistance with an exceptional warranty, all of this without compromising the aspect of your pool.

It´s fixing system and it´s reinforced PVC transparent protection system protect the cover from ware and tare caused by the pool coping, with the possibility of adaptation to any pool sizes and shapes.

Summer Covers

Save water and maintenance products In the high season with a normal or automatic thermal pool cover

Throughout the day, the sun raises the temperature of water.

Posted on the surface of the water after the use of the pool, the cover (smooth surface facing up) maintains the temperature throughout the day, also preventing water evaporation.

It also protects the pool from dirt and reduces the consumption of treatment products.

There are several types of covers, ask an opinion about the types of covers that exist before you buy.

When purchasing a summer cover also acquire a roller, it protects the cover for damage and minimizes the effort of rolling it back and forth.

Fixed Covers

Closed covers are a good investment for anyone that likes to use a swimming pool year-round, with different sizes and designs so it can be fitted into your existing swimming pool location or to be built swimming pool.

Automatic or manual, closed pool covers are without a doubt the best choice for anyone that loves to use a swimming pool at any time during the year.

Covers that are built to respond to the highest demand in quality.

A particular strong resistance to winds and any other weather changes of our days backed up with the best warranty.

At Poolarea we have and will continue to build

With more than a decade of existence in Portugal and with more than two decades of experience in the poolscapes business we can proudly say that our mission and passion is to demonstrate our exceptional skills by surpassing our clients expectations with creative, innovative and professional abilities.

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