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UV System

Take your pool hygiene to the highest level!

Revolutionary photocatalytic oxidation process. Most powerful and effective oxidation process on the market. More effective than ozone, oxygen, boiling water, etc.

Instantly destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, chloramines, and pathogens, maintaining clean and disinfected water.

It has the necessary power to convert oils, sunscreens, urea, and other contaminants into harmless molecular forms.

Oxidizes and destroys any biological or non-biological pollutant in the water.

Reduces the need to use chemicals in the water.

Automatic Salt Electrolyzer

Electrolysis takes place in a cell inserted in the filtration circuit. The salt water solution decomposes and purifies the water by destroying algae and bacteria, which then recombine to reform the salt.


This procedure allows the disinfectant substance to be manufactured “in loco”, which is responsible for eliminating, by oxidation, bacteria, fungi, and algae that are found in the pool water. The development of these microorganisms depends on the water temperature, the surrounding vegetation, and the use of the pool.
The disinfectant substance, called sodium hypochlorite, is produced by electrolysis of the salt present in the pool water. Then, this substance has the ability to destabilize due to the combined effect of exposure to the sun and the bath, to reconstitute itself in salt (the salt consumption of the process is zero).


Less handling of chemicals

Automation of water treatment

The water is very comfortable, with less irritation or unpleasant odors linked to chlorine.

Operating cost comparable to that of a lamp

The savings in chemical products allow amortization of the system in about 3 years.


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