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Our increasingly stressful lives cry out for that little oasis of calm, a chance to catch up with ourselves, make the hurly-burly stop for a few precious moments of self-indulgent sanity.

A Relaxing moment; your escape to another calmer, inviting place – far away from the stress of your day yet just a few steps across the garden.

Immerse your body and soul in the embrace of warm tranquility. Touch the spa side control for the show to begin. Wriggle your toes, feel the tingling in your sore soles whilst the knots in your calves loosen.

Those tight hamstrings relax and that nagging moaning pain in the small of your back quietens right down. Flex your back, let your spine realign, feel that tension flow from your neck, and stretch your shoulders, arms, body, and soul. Feel like a teenager again – feel great, every day.

Nighttime has come alive in our spas; each comes with color-changing mood lighting as standard. Select a color to match your mood or let the system lazily fade through the spectrum in a brilliant display that fills your senses.

Enhance the ambiance with our fingertip aromatic infusion of different scents, select your favorite music, program in a specific hydro-massage, or go back in time with our oxygen therapy option. Even supplement the hydro-massage with our unique magnetic Vario physical massage pods.

A Spa is special, a careful blend of ancient therapies and innovative technology, a lifestyle statement, indulgence with an ecological conscience.

Whatever it means to you and whatever model you choose, we want you to enjoy the benefits of your Spa for many years into the future.

Relax your body and mind with your personal hot tub in harmony

Hot tubs that help take care of your health

Enjoy a full spa with over 150 hydromassage nozzles with air/water regulation

Control filtration, heating, massage, lighting among others without leaving your hot tub.

At Poolarea we have and will continue to build

With more than a decade of existence in Portugal and with more than two decades of experience in the poolscapes business we can proudly say that our mission and passion is to demonstrate our exceptional skills by surpassing our clients expectations with creative, innovative and professional abilities.

We will discuss your dreams, needs and desires to bring you our best craftsmanship.